Lara Stumpf 👀

Lara Stumpf

I’m a Product Designer with a business background, in love with lecturing students and exploring accessibility.

Accessibility Kiwi

  • Role: Author, designer, developer
  • Year: 2023–now
  • Check out:

Every person should be able to explore the internet, right? We need to make our products accessible and inclusive. How? By including the requirements in our daily process. I’ve started the perfect guide for us.

  • Topic: Pandemic shopping
  • Role: Author, designer, developer
  • Year: 2020

Connecting local stores and potential buyers during the pandemic.


  • Topic: Data structure
  • Role: Product designer, prototyper
  • Year: 2016

We can‘t cling to the anonymous folders inside the hierarchical structures of our old systems anymore. Instead, we want to view all data at once. In VR.